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Join us in the "Author in a Decade" challenge

The aim of this challenge is to read (1) book each month in order by an author (favourite or not) who released a book each year 
for the past decade.
Wish me Luck!

My chosen author for the 2012 challenge is:

Sabrina Jeffries

By the time Sabrina was eighteen, she'd eaten chicken heads and jellyfish, been chased by a baby elephant, seen countless cobras and pythons, had the entire series of rabies shots, and visited rain forests and rubber plantations. But that wasn't enough excitement for the missionary's daughter, so she turned to reading romance novels.  Now she writes her own!

1. Dance of Seduction (2003)
2. In the Prince's Bed (2004)
3. To Pleasure a Prince (2005)

4. Only a Duke Will Do (2006)
5. Beware a Scot's Revenge (2007)
6. Let Sleeping Rogues Lie (2008)
7. Don't Bargain with the Devil (2009)

8. A Hellion in Her Bed (2010)
9. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (2011)

10. A Lady Never Surrenders (2012)

My chosen author for the 2011 challenge is:

Suzanne Enoch

Suzanne Enoch is the author of two well-received Avon Regencies, The Black Duke's Prizeand Angel's Devil, and five Avon Romances: Lady Rogue, Stolen Kisses, By Love Undone, Taming Rafe and Reforming a Rake. Born and raised in Southern California, Suzanne lives a few scant miles from Disneyland with her collection of Star Wars action figures and a Cairn terrier named Katie (after the heroine of her first Regency). She's still looking for her own hero, and hopes he will be handsome, titled, and just a little wicked. Meanwhile, she's currently at work inventing him in her next historical romance.


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