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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wicked Weekend by Gillian Archer

 by Gillian Archer

Why did Lauren Vaughn introduce her sister to the man she herself was crazy about? 
Now Lauren is watching the happy couple at their combined bachelor/bachelorette party—while Lauren sits all alone at the bar. Until she spots a hot stranger with the telltale black handkerchief in his pocket: the signal for “seeks no-strings affair with sexy submissive.” 
Lauren can’t take her eyes off him. So when he comes over, she kicks her inner good girl to the curb and follows Jamie Forman to his room, where he makes her scream with pleasure all night long.But Jamie is a complicated man. He can’t handle how desperately he wants her in his bed—and his life. It’s up to Lauren to teach him how to make all night last forever.

Read in April, 2012 As posted on by AURORA 

"Lauren has agreed to a bachlorette/bachelor party weekend for her sister who is marrying her former crush at a ski resort not realizing that she is about to open up her mind and fulfill her fantasies. This book was a quick read. The story was very fast. Lauren meets Jamie in the hotel bar and within three sentences is negotiating some BDSM play. Including safe words and condom talk and a brief conversation about The Scene. Lauren agrees to open her mind and legs ( hehehe sorry) for a night of role playing. Jamie is a player in the Las Vegas BDSM scene and willing to be the first for her. 

The book is fun and entertaining but again, there is only so much that can go wrong in 79 pages. I would have loved to delve deeper into Lauren and Jamie’s past and learn what lead them both to the BDSM World. Laurne’s sister also seems to have a special relationship with her fiancée and I think that would have been a great segway on Wicked Weekend by Gillian Archer."



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