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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mistress in the Making

When genteel poverty strikes Lady Charlotte’s family, the innocent virgin puts herself on the auction block at Madame Bella’s school for mistresses in a desperate bid to provide a Season for her younger sisters. For her plan to succeed, she must show auction winner, Lucas Morgan, what a valuable prize he’s won. Morgan may have only bid on her to thwart his hated twin brother, but she’s going to prove she’s worth every pound.

Reviewed by Milena's Book Corner
An engaging story, filled with tension, corruption, suspense, unselfish devotion and love. Charlotte a country gal and the eldest sister of four, auctions herself to become mistress to the highest bidder in order to give her sisters a better opportunity in life.

I really enjoyed the characters as they were so much fun, especially the feelings that prospered between Charlotte and Lucas. I think Ms Silver would do really well to develop these characters by turning this story into a novella, I would definitely read them. A great pick and a definite recommendation from me.


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