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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Seduction of Sara

The Seduction of Sara is the lively conclusion to Karen Hawkins's trilogy of passionate Regency historical romances. Saraphina Lawrence is a willful young woman, as magnificent as the Lawrence sapphires she proudly wears. She wed once for passion and was widowed scandalously when her bridegroom fell from a carriage while coupling with his mistress.

Now, faced with an ultimatum from her brothers -- remarry and live quietly and respectably, or lose the income that supports the independent life she loves -- Sara is quick to plan her strategy. Exiled to the dull town of Bath for the Season, she must find a gentleman who is socially acceptable, tolerable in looks and manners and, most important, willing to let Sara have her way in all matters.

Her search is going poorly when she hits upon a splendid plan involving Nicholas Montrose, the notorious Earl of Bridgeton (the irresistible villain in need of redemption who was introduced in Hawkins's first book,The Abduction of Julia). Nick wants Sara for his mistress, and she thinks it would be splendid to have such a masterful lover teach her the art of seduction, hoping to use those new skills to lure a suitably compliant man to the altar. It would be hard to say whether Nick or Sara is more surprised when Sara practices the wiles Nick taught her on Nick himself -- and the man who swore he'd never marry is tempted to propose to the one woman who has promised she will never be his bride.

Review as on Goodreads by Sassy~Amy

This book was much better than the first MacLean Curse book. This is a whole different series! There were no 21 century american colloquialisms!! Which made it great! This had a pretty good story that was fast pace, but some things were never mentioned or clarified that needed to be.

Sara is sent from London to Bath to calm down and settle. She has often said she is going to pick her own husband who will let her run wild & be free before her brothers can do it for her. HOWEVER, there was no mention or hint on their part that they were picking anyone. The only pick was because of a compromising situation. NEVER did a brother mention she should marry an old guy... She picks her picks herself...

The ending sucked. An HEA in the last 3 pages... BUT I do have to say I was entertained with this one...


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