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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let Me In

by Callie Croix

On leave for Thanksgiving, the last thing marine lieutenant Talia Barnett expects to find is Liam Brodie waiting for her at the airport. He's had a starring role in her fantasies for the past two years, and although she'd love to make them a reality, she has a dark secret that prevents her from taking things further.

A former marine, Liam's specialty is planning tactical operations, and that's just what he plans to do to win Talia. The woman has kept him at arm's length for too long, and this time he's finally going to claim her—body and heart.

What begins as comfort quickly turns hot. When Liam shows Talia a hint of the dominant nature inside him, the submissive part of her flares to life. Though she desires him, she's going back on deployment and doesn't want to dump all her drama on him. Will he find a way to break through the protective walls around her heart and convince her they have a future that goes far beyond the bedroom?

Review as on Goodreads by ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
A lady marine is on leave. Leaving the plane she is surprised to be greeted by her best friend and her best friends brother whom she has always had the hots for, but finds him out of her league. She believes herself to be a pity case, having a horder mother who she has no relationship with. And his family is so close & have accepted her in as one of their own, making a possible relationship awkward.

I have definitely read better, but this was a pretty good novella. It jumped on the hording band wagon & the psychology of one in this book, paralell to all the shows now out about it. 

I wasn't very convinced with the reaction of the daughter & her need to let someone else be in control. I think they would swing more into the OCD have to be in control mode, but thats just me. 

Novellas rarely fall into the 4 or 5 star range for me because they are rarely epic novels.



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