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Friday, June 1, 2012

Only a Duke Will Do

by Sabrina Jeffries

Marry? Never! It would end Louisa North's work with her ladies reform group – and truth be told, she likes her independence very much, despite her royal father's protests. So when Simon Tremaine, the dashing Duke of Foxmoor whom she once loved – and had exiled from England – returns bent on marrying her, she's skeptical. Does he truly care for her, or does he simply want revenge? It's difficult to resist Simon's dangerous charms, because the fire between them still burns as hot as ever. But when his ulterior motive for marriage is exposed, along with the deeply buried secrets of his past, Louisa vows to make him pay . . . and the price will be his heart.

Book review
Simon and Louisa do not have an easy marriage, yet it is their struggles which make the book so much more than just a light-hearted read. There is plenty to laugh about in Only a Duke Will Do, but there is just as much that will make you root for Simon and Louisa, and even though it is part of a series, Only a Duke Will Do is a highly satisfying stand-alone novel, and a welcome addition to your collection."


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