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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Stranger in Her Bed

by Janet Chapman

In The Seduction of His Wife, Janet Chapman introduced the Knights, an ambitious logging family whose fortunes and hearts are tied to the rugged mountains of Maine. Now, Ethan Knight is drawn into the family business . . . and deep into temptation.

When Ethan agreed to work at a sawmill his family is purchasing, he didn't foresee getting fired on his first day. He should be mad at the fiercely outspoken female foreman, but something about her seems disconcertingly familiar -- even though Ethan is sure he'd remember meeting a stunning beauty like Anna Segee before.Anna has never forgotten Ethan -- or the schoolgirl crush she had on him before her father whisked her off to Canada. Now the shy, gangly girl is grown up and back in Oak Grove with a new name, new confidence, and a newly inherited mill of her own. Her superb reputation in a male-dominated industry hasn't come easy, but even harder will be ignoring the sexy man Ethan has become. . . .

Review as on Goodreads by ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
This was the better of the 2 logger series books. It is written so it can be read out of order with NO spoilers.

Anna comes back to maine from canada after inhereting an old mill from her grandfather. She has been using her middle name & her dad's last name for the last 18 years after being wisked away to Canada after an attempted rape by 3 boys when she was only 11. Ethan had come to her rescue and saved her.

Her mother had a bad reputation for being the town ho, madeline fox, and had been married 8 times. Her only child was Abigail Anna Fox (then Segee)...

She fires Ethan the first day he comes to the mill after he was almost run over by a logging truck... THEN he punched her before he realized she was a woman.

Anna is a strong bossy woman who knows her job & the milling business. Ethan rents a cabin from her and immediately likes her because she tells him how it is right away.



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