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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never Trust a Rogue

by Olivia Drake

The wealthiest heiress of the season, Miss Lindsey Crompton finds detective work far more fascinating than social engagements - at least until she meets Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfield. Thane is a paradox: a war hero and a cad, a wicked scoundrel and an indulgent guardian of his young ward. When Lindsey sneaks into his house to investigate his role in a series of murders, he blackmails her into a betrothal.
Thane has a secret life he keeps hidden from everyone, especially the infernally curious - and curiously alluring - Miss Crompton. Working with the Bow Street Runners, Thane is tracking a killer who may be one of Lindsey's suitors. Even if their engagement is a ruse, the heat between Thane and Lindsey is undeniably real. And with a murderer on the loose, desire has never been so dangerous…

Book reviewed by Cybil Solyn

What made this book so much fun was Thane and Lindsey.They banter. They bicker. They make out. They are just so darling! It's all so nicely packaged with Lindsey being just enough TSTL to balance out Thane's annoying arrogance that I never hated either character even when they did stuff I should hate like pick locks at a crowded ball, or make hasty decisions on flimsy and circumstantial evidence.
This book had a real Nancy Drew feel...or maybe more like Scooby Doo with the final melodramatic unmasking of the killer? Either way, this read was at times eye-rollingly hokey, and page-turningly clever. I imagine some readers will have trouble overlooking the flaws in this book, but if you read it in the same frame of mind as you watch an action flick, with total suspension of disbelief, you're bound to have a good time because the characters are great and the writing sharp.
Bottom Line: Enjoy this book for the fast pace and fun, yet probably forgettable, read it is.



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