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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Murphy's Law

by Kat Attalia

Fear and intimidation work. Ask Customs Agent Jack Murphy. He uses both to hunt felons. But instinct and experience fail when he sets out to retrieve Lilly McGrath-- a blonde bombshell who is either a willing participant or an innocent pawn in her boss's smuggling scam. Until Jack knows which, she's just another suspect. . Now he just needs to get his hormones in sync with his head.

While working as an export clerk Lilly, stumbled upon her boss's illegal activities. After an attempt on her life, she flees to Europe to hide. Living on credit cards and her wits, she is constantly on the move—but no matter where she runs, she can’t lose the dangerously handsome stranger following her across the continent. In Genoa, Italy , her credit limit and luck finally run out. 

Once Jack grabs Lilly, Murphy’s Law dogs them at every turn. Someone is determined to see that Lilly never makes it back to the States to testify. The distrustful couple must learn to rely on each other if they are to survive. And for Lilly that means surrendering to a man who both infuriates and excites her.

Review by Wendy Livingston (The Romance Reader)
The setting, the dialogue and the interaction between characters is all very charming. The love scenes, at which the author excels, are hot without seeming forced. The pace of the book is smooth and fast and your brain just yums it right up.

It’s not a perfect book, however. I had a hard time understanding exactly what made Quinton so attracted to Ashley. She couldn’t have made it more clear that she wasn’t interested in any sort of relationship with Quinton, and the way her clothes are described made it seem as if she dressed like a third grader. Also, the final deciding factor in whether or not Quinton and Ashley would have a future didn’t ring true. The situation seemed very contrived and awkward.

If you’re reading preference is books with a little depth, this is not the book for you. It’s entertaining, but not involving. It’s fun, but is in no way profound. That isn’t to say that Ms. Foster hasn’t written a clever book, however. For all it’s fluff, Murphy’s Law is a perfect rainy afternoon read.


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