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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beautiful Library

One of the most beautiful Libraries in the World, happens to be in my own native land, beautiful Portugal.

The library is named  Livraria Lello in the city of Porto.


Sidra said...

Wow, this place is just absolutely gorgeous! Would love to visit someday. Sort of reminds me of the library that the Beast gives Belle in Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast *tee hee*

Dani said...

I would love to visit that library one day! I agree with what Sidra said, it looks like the library that the Beast gave Belle. :) Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up and I've always wanted a library like Belle's! :)

D.L.T. said...

That's gorgeous. Book heaven!!!

Milena's BooK Corner said...

It is gorgeous! I've been driving hubby up the wall with my ideas for My Library at home. I told him that when we build our home next I want a room just for me and my books, a mini of the above pic would be great. And he say "what for?"....and I say "because I am entitled to my library, just as much as you are entitled to your big garage, 50/50 partnership MATE!". LOL

Sarah said...

Wow that is such a beautiful library!
Thanks for the follow!
Following back :)

Sam Kasbrick said...

Hi. Great blog. And wow, that is a lovely looking library! New follower here. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
-Sam @ SIK Book Reviews

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