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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're One

 by Mimi Barbour

Crystal was a celebrated Vegas star with a strong affinity to the animal world--except for the human male animal, that is. When she uses her trusty baseball bat to change the odds for easygoing Ashley Parks, getting beaten in an alley below her apartment window, the two end up having to run for their lives from a killer who wants revenge. Ashley's first kiss arouses her and all she wants is for him to do it again and more--but no strings. All he wants is strings--and to keep her safe. Her reaction to his chivalry..."You bungling idiot!!!? Everything's changed. It's you he's after now."

Review as on Goodreads by 's review
This book takes place in 1969.
A cute little light read supernatural love story between Ashley (a man) & Crystal.

Ash was getting beat up in an alley under Crystals window by some people who she worked for. One was Ash's friend too; playing a part so he didn't get fired. Crystal disguises herself in a hat an flannel shirt, runs out with a baseball bat & saves Ash.

Their fast paced love story mixed with bungling bad guys... or so they seemed. I pictured Joe Peshi as Joey... The animals, her chaotic mess...It was definitely an entertaining & different read with the magical rose bush & bench. It was a very original read as well. I can't get too specific because it was a fast read, I don't want to leave spoilers.

It was good & I did like it, but I have read so many great books lately, this one rates in the middle.



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