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Friday, July 6, 2012

Saving Grace

by Kate Hopkins

Divorced and pregnant, Grace Hudson thinks that her life cannot get any more complicated. She finds out how wrong she is when someone tries to kill her. With the help of a kind Samaritan, she manages to survive her ordeal. When her uncle, the Chief of Police, finds out, he hires bodyguard Matt Bolton to protect her. While Matt watches over Grace, he finds himself developing feelings for her. As he fights his feelings the police work to catch Grace's attacker. Will the attacker be caught and will Matt give in to his feelings?

Review as on Goodreads by Milena's Book Corner
It was an OK read, a simple storyline without any twists or turns and its elaboration was nearly simplistic. The serial killer was evil enough but the story lacked atmosphere, although being highly descriptive and sometimes even repetitive. Even though I don't usually judge a book by its cover, this one is really deceptive. The cover psyched me up for some sexual session between the two but I was quite disappointed. Sex was non existent in this book, and the few pecks the characters shared where just plain cold and depressing. Would I read this book again - NO!


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Milena's BooK Corner said...

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Kelly Hashway said...

That is a great cover. Too bad it doesn't match the story.

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This book looks interesting and I think something I would be interested in reading.

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