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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hurricane (Last Call #2)

                           by Moira Rogers
Artist and witch Fiona Logan hasn't had an orgasm since a bitter ex cursed her five years ago. Whenever she gets aroused, bad things happen. Now, she's come to Last Call in hopes of gaining an audience with--and help from--its owner, a powerful wizard named Benito D'Cruze. If anyone can break the curse, it's him. And if he won't come downstairs to meet with her, she'll bump and grind until his bar caves in from the backlash. Hurricane: Contents under magical pressure. Experience required. Ben doesn't get involved with patrons... not even the hot, sexually frustrated ones. But when a lush looking blonde threatens to wreck his bar with her curse and her need, he decides it's time to take matters--and her--into his own hands. After all, even if he can't break the curse, he can certainly ease her frustration. And what powerful wizard doesn't love a challenge?

Review as on Goodreads by ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
Again this was one that just ended. or I should I say I was left saying... HUH?

Witch walks into a bar... orders a hurricaine to break a touch curse. Only one man can handle it. Ben, the owner of the bar.

These stories are a cute novella, but they can have so much more & don't. You leave asking... so what happened to these people? BUT are left with a "maybe they stayed together??" Maybe not.


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