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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To Be A Proper Lady

by Katharine Ashe

The Rules of Being a Proper Lady
1) Never take steps greater than six inches apart.
2) Never look boldly at a gentleman.
3) And never, ever, kiss a man who is not your fiance.
But beautiful, bold Viola Carlyle doesn't care about the rules. And she desperately wants to kiss the notoriously tempting Captain Jin Seton, the man who brought her kicking and fighting back to English society. Kidnapped as a child, now she longs to return to that life of freedom where she was able to live—and love—as she wished. Having hunted Viola for two years, Jin Seton has finally found his good luck—for, by finding Viola, his oldest, deepest debt will at last be paid. And although he has vowed not to let her win his heart, this very improper lady might finally be the one who tames him.
Book reviewed by Lori Carroll
I read the first book in the series and felt like I was missing a ton of information, but since it was the first book, I assumed it would be revealed in this one. It was not, but I did figure out that this series was a spin off of Ms. Ashe's previous series "Rogues of the Seas." Alex Savege was the hero of the second book in that series, which would have provided the necessary backstory for this book. I was so completely frustrated reading this book and not having the previous information.

When I could get myself into the story and ignore everything I didn't know, it was a good story. Jin and Viola are like clashing titans. Both were used to always being in charge and both had to learn how to give up some of the power to be with the other. It was fun to watch the tug and pull. There were a lot of side characters, but most of them weren't completely flushed out. I will say I was happy that I didn't have to read so many of the cliched piratical characters that are always in these books.
Overall, a good book, but I would highly recommend reading the books prior for the background.


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